Rochester Lawyers Handling Back and Spine Injuries Throughout Southeast Minnesota

Woman receiving back treatmentA serious back injury can be devastating. Spinal injuries can result in paralysis, loss of motor skills, or other serious disability. Such harm also can leave you unable to earn a living and in need of expensive medical care. While financial compensation cannot undo harm, it can help ensure your financial well-being and access to treatment. If you have suffered a spine injury, ruptured disc, or some other harm, it is important that you contact a personal injury attorney experienced in handling such matters. Jim Suk founded our firm in 1988. We devote our practice to protecting those who have been injured by another’s negligence. If you have been injured in Rochester, Owatonna, or elsewhere in Minnesota, northern Iowa or western Wisconsin, contact our office today to speak with a lawyer.

Rochester attorneys assisting Minnesota back injury victims

Back injuries may require multiple surgeries, including spinal fusion. They can cause partial or complete paralysis in some instances. Such injuries may occur as the result of car accidents, bicycle accidents, motorcycle wrecks, or some other type of mishap. Victims can find themselves unable to work and may suffer ongoing medical needs. Victims may require vocational retraining (if he or she is not completely disabled). Injured people may be able to receive financial compensation for vocational retraining, for reduction in income, and for ongoing medical expenses. Under Minnesota law, a victim may recover financial compensation for an injury when he or she is not more than 50 percent responsible for the accident. If a victim had a preexisting condition he or she must prove it was worsened by the accident.

Your lawyer’s first step in a back injury case is to contact the defendant or the defendant’s insurance carrier(s). This will allow your lawyer to deal directly with the carriers while you focus on the important business of getting healthy. If you have suffered a serious injury, it may be necessary for your attorney to hire medical and vocational experts to determine your long term prognosis and the amount of your future losses. Your lawyer will send a settlement demand to the carriers only when your damages are reasonably ascertained. If a settlement is not reached, your counsel will initiate a lawsuit. Discovery (the process by which information is obtained from plaintiffs and defendants) is used to gain proof of liability. Should your case proceed to trial, a jury decides issues of liability, comparative fault, and damages. Trial is a complicated process. It is imperative that you retain a firm with a history of success in such matters.

Jim Suk is a Rochester, Minnesota attorney who assists victims of back and spine injuries. Prior to an initial consultation, we will give you a list of items to bring to your appointment so we can begin work on your case as quickly as possible. We stay in regular contact with your medical providers.  We work with necessary experts to properly calculate your financial damages. Our firm will send a demand letter to the insurance carrier[s] only when your future needs are fully understood. We work to obtain a fair settlement. If a fair offer is not made, we do not hesitate to file a lawsuit on your behalf. Our firm has standing relationships with experts such as accident reconstructionists, vocational therapists, and medical professionals, who are necessary to prove liability and the extent of the harm you have suffered. We use the discovery process to obtain all available evidence of the defendant’s liability. Our lawyers make sure that you are prepared to attend trial. We ensure that your rights are protected throughout the process. We give your case the attention it deserves.

Lawyers staying in regular communication with Rochester and Owatonna back injury victims

Few things are as painful and demoralizing as a back injury. Reductions in mobility can lead to incredible agitation. You don’t need an attorney to add to your anxiety and agitation by failing to stay in contact with you. At Suk Law Firm, we take great pride in the level of communication we maintain with our clients. We immediately respond to your phone calls and quickly respond to your emails.  We will copy you on significant correspondence, as well as court pleadings. Jim Suk has been serving our community since 1972. Our firm has been dedicated to defending the rights of victims since its founding in 1988. You deserve quality representation and we will provide it. Call today to speak with a lawyer.

We also serve the following southeast Minnesota cities: Red Wing, Winona, Mankato, Austin, Albert Lea, and Owatonna, as well as the cities of Minneapolis, St. Paul, Duluth, and Bloomington. We also serve the Iowa cities of Mason City, Charles City, Osage, Spencer, Garner, Forest City, and Northwood and the Wisconsin cities of La Crosse, Onalaska, Sparta, Viroqua, River Falls, Ellsworth, Whitehall, and Black River Falls.