Backyard TrampolineHaving handled more than one claim for children severely injured while playing on backyard trampolines, we were surprised to hear that these dangerous “toys” are making a comeback, purchased by millennials embracing the vision of raising physically active, unfettered and fearless children.

If your child is hurt through another’s negligence, it’s crucial to contact an experienced personal injury attorney immediately. A lawyer can begin dealing with insurance companies immediately, allowing you to be with your child as he or she heals.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has warned against trampoline use for more than 40 years. The number of medically treated trampoline-related injuries annually is nearly 247,000, with 90,000 emergency room visits. The overwhelming majority of the injured are children 14 years old or younger. In 2009, 3,100 people were hospitalized after being hurt on trampolines.

The AAP notes that many injuries occur on the mat itself. Additional padding and netting aren’t necessarily as much a safeguard as parents might believe them to be, as the increased use of thicker pads and netting haven’t significantly decreased injury rates.

Some high-risk behaviors kids should avoid include:

  • Allowing multiple people on the mat
  • Being the smallest and youngest person on the mat
  • Attempting somersaults and flips

Most injuries (75%) happen when more than one person is on the mat. The smallest one at play is in the most danger. When children 5 and younger are hurt, it’s often a serious matter: 48% of their injuries are fractures and dislocations.

Somersaults and flips frequently cause cervical spine injuries when the attempted move fails, according to the AAP. These spinal injuries can cause permanent, catastrophic injuries. These statistics likely are behind the refusal by many insurers to cover backyard trampolines under homeowner policies.

Having seen firsthand the devastating injuries that have happened to children playing on trampolines, we can’t help but worry when we see that half a million trampolines are sold every year. If you are a parent searching for a way to lure your children outdoors, away from TV and other electronic devices, consider some other sport or activity that carries fewer risks. There are endless choices.

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