Rear End Collision Attorneys Assisting Rochester And Southeast Minnesota Residents

Woman after rear end collisionFew things are as shocking as a rear end collision. You may have been stopped at a stop light or a stop sign and paying attention to what was in front of you. You had no reason to believe there was someone behind you who was failing to drive responsibly. These types of accidents can result in catastrophic injuries and often lead to missed time from work and substantial medical bills. If you’ve been involved in such an incident, it is crucial that you retain a personal injury lawyer who is experienced in handling these cases. Our firm has been assisting the victims of rear end collisions since 1988. Jim Suk founded our office with the belief that his clients are entitled to the highest level of representation. We follow through on this ideal in each case we handle. Call our Rochester office today to speak with an attorney. We also handle matters in Owatonna, other areas of southeast Minnesota, and in both Iowa and Wisconsin.

Rochester injury lawyers helping Minnesota residents injured in a rear end collision

Rear end collisions can occur for a number of reasons. The defendant may have been driving too close. They may have been texting or talking on the phone. It may also be that the defendant was intoxicated or fell asleep behind the wheel. Whatever the cause, a victim may be entitled to compensation. Under Minnesota’s comparative fault laws, people can recover damages as long as they were no more than 50 percent at fault for the accident. Damages a plaintiff may recover include medical expenses, lost wages, and compensation for pain and suffering. It is best to consult with an attorney as soon as possible in order to protect your rights.

If a settlement cannot be reached in a rear end collision case it will be necessary to file a lawsuit. It may be necessary to retain medical and economic experts if you have suffered a serious injury. These experts establish whether you may require future medical care, the cost of such care, and the extent to which the accident has impeded your ability to earn a living. The defendant will retain his or her own experts and each side’s professionals would testify at trial. A jury will decide liability. This can be a complicated process and it is important that you retain a firm that has the resources required to hire expert witnesses.

Our Rochester car accident lawyers regularly handle matters involving a rear end collision. Once you retain our firm, we immediately begin communicating with your medical providers to ascertain the extent of your damages. Jim Suk and his firm have collected more than $125 million on behalf of injury victims and his firm has the financial resources to hire any experts needed in your case. We will fight to get you the highest possible recovery. We do not hesitate to file a lawsuit if the insurance carriers fail to offer a fair settlement. Our office will be in regular contact with you throughout the litigation process and will quickly return your phone calls. We will make sure your questions are promptly answered. We believe that our clients are entitled to the highest level of representation and we provide quality service to each and every client. Call us today.

We also serve the following southeast Minnesota cities: Red Wing, Winona, Mankato, Austin, Albert Lea, and Owatonna, as well as the cities of Minneapolis, St. Paul, Duluth, and Bloomington. We also serve the Iowa cities of Mason City, Charles City, Osage, Spencer, Garner, Forest City, and Northwood and the Wisconsin cities of La Crosse, Onalaska, Sparta, Viroqua, River Falls, Ellsworth, Whitehall, and Black River Falls.

Attorneys assisting Rochester injury victims seriously injured in a rear end collision

A victim can be seriously injured in a rear end collision. Victims may find themselves suffering from paralysis, a serious head injury, or they may have suffered spinal damage. If this happens to you, it is important you avoid an attorney who will accept a “quick settlement” and instead, retain a lawyer who is willing to see your case through to completion. Jim Suk was the first southeast Minnesota injury lawyer to obtain a jury verdict in excess of one million dollars. He provides his clients with the highest level of representation. We apply highly professional standards to each case we handle.